Choosing the Right Electric Scooter for Your Kid

If other kids in your neighbor hood have electric scooters, why don’t you buy for your kids? Scooter for the kids are now very much affordable unlike years before. They are also much better and more beautiful brands. Scooters are not only fun to ride, they can also be help in the development of your child. And if you are thinking about safety, some brands offer the most reliable safety nets which should assure you that your child will always come home unscratched.

With the many brands of e-scooters to choose from, it pays to know the basic considerations when buying a scooter for your child.

Age, size, and Weight

If you are going alone to a store that sells e-scooters, it is not enough to know the exact birthday of your child. It will be better if you weigh him, and measure his height. These are as important as the age. Age is important as it can determine the maturity of your child. While height and weight can get you to the right fit. Not having the right fit may be the cause of accidents.

While you may be tempted to buy a scooter that your child can use in the coming years, it may not be a good idea. There are e-scooters that can be adjusted, but you have to check them first if safety is not is not compromised.


You probably don’t want to buy a scooter for your young child that can go faster than 12 mph. If it is your child’s first scooter, better look for an electric scooter that does not run very fast. You probably will not have peace of mind every time your child brings his scooter out of your yard.


Tires of scooters can be made of plastic or rubber. Rubber is more silent and provides a smoother ride. You should buy an e-scooter with smaller tires for your kid who is just starting to scoot. Smaller tires are slower and more stable. Some scooters can also come with three tires, which means more stability and less sensitive to change of direction.

Battery Life

For sure, you will sorry for your kid when the e-scooter has run out of battery while you are in the park enjoying around. To prevent this from happening, always inspect the battery life of an e-scooter before buying. Check also the charging time.

Throttle or Kick Start

The motor of some brands may not engage until it is running at least three miles per hour. This can be good for a beginner who would still need to work on his balance. A scooter that can start at a push of the button are suited for those who have had some experience with scooters already.…